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ScholarPointe is an association management software platform that helps academic association administrators manage memberships, plan conferences, and oversee the journal publication process easily and affordably.

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Academic association administrators are busy people. That’s why we make sure you’re not bogged down by spreadsheets, manual processes, and poorly integrated systems that use up valuable time and resources. ScholarPointe simplifies your workflows so you can work smarter and better serve your members.


One Software Platform For All Your Association Management Needs


Membership Management

Manage membership information

Track online payments & receipts

Comprehensive reporting


Conference Planning

Handle conference logistics

Track registrations & payments

Manage sessions & paper submissions


Member Features

Search online member directory

Access journals with single sign-on

Manage conference participations


Website Management

Update website content

Accept secure online payments

Membership enrollment & renewal


Customer Support

We're here to make your life easier! Just let us know how we can help and our team will be sure to resolve any issues or answer any questions you have.

  • Implementation services
  • Training & learning resources
  • Technical support & bug fixing
  • Custom software development
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See how ScholarPointe has helped these academic associations succeed and better connect with their members.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does ScholarPointe integrate with my association's website?

Yes! Each association that joins the ScholarPointe platform can choose to either keep their existing website or have a complete, new association website built for them to integrate and work seamlessly with our Back Office.

In either case, our implementation team will work closely with you to ensure that your website (old or new) can link up to all of the features of ScholarPointe and also stay consistent with your association’s branding.

Is there a free trial period for ScholarPointe?

Because ScholarPointe is currently only in beta, we do not have a free trial period available at this time. Our team will need to do a complete implementation for each new association that joins the platform.

However, our team is hard at work and plans to have a trial version of ScholarPointe completed in upcoming months. If you’re interested in learning more about our software before the trial is available, we’d be more than happy to share some screenshots and walk you through the current features.

Is my association and member data secure with ScholarPointe?

It is one of our top priorities to keep your association and member data secure while using ScholarPointe. Our experienced developers are trained in best practices and use the latest technologies to make your sure data is encrypted, transferred, and/or stored in the safest way possible. If you’d like to learn more about ScholarPointe’s security policies, please feel free to contact us with any questions.


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